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Mermaid Sneakers (Pastel Seascape)

Mermaid Sneakers (Pastel Seascape)

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Introducing the "Pastel Seascape" sneakers, a delightful pair of shoes designed specifically for active women who want to embrace the whimsical beauty of mermaids while running or enjoying festivals. These sneakers seamlessly blend pastel colors and mermaid-inspired prints to create a captivating and enchanting footwear option.

The Whimsy Waves sneakers feature a sleek and modern design, perfect for both running and festival activities. The pastel color palette, including soft blues, gentle pinks, and delicate purples, evokes a sense of dreamy serenity that captures the essence of mermaid magic.

• Womens Sizes: US 6-12 (No Half Sizes)

• Polyester Fiber

• Durable/Lightweight Construction

• EVA Sole

• Ergonomically Streamlined Foot Curve

• Easy-to-Clean Anti-Corrosion Materials

• Shipped in Protective Shoebox

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